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Frog Via a Webcam, this demo enables you to view the company aquarium which is inhabited by four African dwarf clawed frogs (Hymenochirus sp.). The Webcam offers four different image sizes, in combination with various image filters. Images are updated every 3 or 15 seconds. Use the Apply button to confirm all changes involving the image size and filter. Unfortunately, we can't promise that one of the four frogs will actually make an appearance in front of the Webcam.

Next image in 5 sec.
Webcam Cam 1
Cam 2
Image size 128 x 96 Pixel
160 x 120 Pixel
200 x 150 Pixel
320 x 240 Pixel
Interval 3 15 sec
Date Display date
Image filter No filter
Gray scale
Rotation by °


Frosch Dwarf clawed frogs (Hymenochirus sp.) are aquatic amphibians, i.e. they spend their entire lives in water. However, this doesn't mean that they breathe through gills. Like fully-grown amphibians, they breathe with lungs and partly with their skin, and therefore they have to surface regularly for air. Dwarf clawed frogs are from Africa. They are appr. 3 cm in size, and have a lifespan of about 5 years. They feed on sludgeworms (Tubifex tubifex), and red and wihte mosquito larvae (Chironomus plumosus) which are swallowed and eaten whole.

The Webcam utilizes the JMF (Java Media Framework) library which, in turn facilitates access from Java to video and audio media. The various changes in the images can be displayed by the high-capacity classes of AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit).

ZwergkrallenFrö (english version)
Java Media Framework