Software development

General information
We offer software development for the complete spectrum of scientific fields , as well as for unconventional solutions:

  • Java, client and server side, J2SE, JSP/Servlets, Swing, etc.
  • Groovy & Grails
  • C/C++
  • MSVC
  • GUI-Design
  • Fortran77/90
  • Databases
  • HTML, XML, Adboe Flash/OpenLaszlo development - LaTeX demo
  • Open-Xchange Server software development (Hymalia & Hyperion)
  • Speech recognition and telephony
  • »embedded« development
  • Scripting: VB, Perl, TCL, PHP, Python,…
  • Operating systems: Windows, Unix and Novell.

Our services in software development can be loosely grouped into three spheres:

  1. Adaptation of existing software as web-service (legacy code support)
    Software development is often a case of "re-inventing the wheel", i.e. re-developing existing programmes from scratch. There are many reasons for this trend:
    • the program is only available via the command line
    • the program is only available for one particular operating system
    • administration of the program or its runtime environment is extremely demanding and complex

    We solve these problems by encapsulating the existing program by Java technology so that it can be made available via a web-browser.

    The following interactive demonstrations are examples of this technique: Parallel computing, LaTeX, LaTeX/OCHEM, PyMol and Jmol.

  2. Advice/Package solutions
    If you are interested in our services, and find the solutions and demonstrations presented on our homepage appealing. If you think we could help you with your software problems but are concerned about the security of sensitive company data (Research and Development) and thus about enlisting the help of another company - we offer counselling services and ready-made software packages which facilitate the use of the Legacy Code Support technique in your enterprise. We provide your company our knowledgeexperience and expert guidance, in order to secure and maximize the existing potential of your employees, know-how and software.
  3. New software development
    We offer the complete software cycle for new development:
    • Actual state analysis
    • Functional specifications
    • Implementation
    • Documentation
    • Post-service