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LaTeX This demo grants access to Ingo Klöckl´s OCHEM-LaTeX package, which enables the creation of 2D-structural formulas. For further information and documentation concerning this LaTeX-package, please refer to Ingo Klöckl´s homepage. This demonstration extends the LaTeX-demonstration by the specific Perl/M4-scripts of the OCHEM-package. The examples also stem from the OCHEM-package. OCHEM-Manual (PDF format ~ 8MB). This demo is also available as an Adobe Flash-Applet.
131072 characters possible
Resolution in DPI UTF-8
Templates & examples:
Create a URL for the created image and the LaTeX source. Using this
option will save image and source permanently on the server.


  • The Start LaTeX button converts the source text in the input field into a graphical representation.
  • The DPI(Dots Per Inch) input field indicates the resolution that is used to calculate the graphic representation (valid range: 60-600 DPI).
  • This checkbox UTF-8 sets the encoding of the LaTeX source file. UTF-8 vs. Latin-1
  • The Reset button clears the entire input field
  • Templates or examples can be copied into the input field via the Load button and the pull-down-menu.
  • The selection list Format enables the specification of the output format. In addition to the various image formats a PDF document can be produced with pdfwrite.